The Importance of a VIPKid Referring Teacher


The Importance of a Referring Teacher

Are you considering applying for VIPKid? If so, a referring teacher can be a very important resource if you are going to go through the VIPKid interview and hiring process. A referring teacher at VIPKid is an experienced VIPKid teacher. An experience VIPKid teacher can give you the information you need to get though the hiring process, share resources, and answer questions. They can help you get your first bookings as well.

The use of a referring teacher is free to applicants because VIPKid pays the referring teacher to help new applicants through the hiring process.

Before you use a teacher’s referral link, contact them to see what support and resources they have that can help you. Once you have completed the hiring process you can’t change the referral code.

My resources for my referrals

Just check out my guide, The Ultimate Guide to VIPKid and…

If this guide is helpful to you, please consider using me as your referral teacher. I can offer many more resources, experienced advice, and coaching. I have coached many candidates through the process and become teacher.

If I am your VIPKid referring teacher, here is what you can expect.

Complete resources and guides for all aspects of the hiring process.

Interview resources

Experienced advice and coaching.

Help with getting your first bookings.

I am here to help. I can:

  • Answer questions about working for VIPKid, the hiring process, the specifics on the demo and mock lessons, and getting that first booking.
  • Review your demo video or practice with you to prepare for a live demo. I can ensure that you are prepared to pass.
  • Provide feedback on successfully passing the mocks. We can use Zoom or Skype for one on one practice.
  • Provide support to secure bookings and start teaching.

Use my referral link/ code

New prospective teachers for VIPKid can automatically sign up by clicking on the following banner.

If you already created an account, you will need to add a referral code:

Sign in to the VIPKid portal (where you signed up at)

Find “My Account” top right

Click “Add Referral Code”

Enter the referral code. My code is MARVI0003

Common Questions and Concerns

Email me at

Read more about

Why You Should Be a VIPKid Teacher, go here.

The hiring process here

Everything you need to pass the demo here


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