Being a VIPKid teacher has been a blessing for me and my family. It has given us an income stream without sacrificing our family commitments. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to generate a reliable income source. I am going to share the process that I went through to land the job. The ability to work from home while making a reliable paycheck it worthwhile. This opportunity has increased my yearly income and if you want to make money from home you might want to consider VIPKid online teaching. For most VIPKid teachers, it takes about two weeks from filling out the application to the status of hired teacher. It is a rigorous process by design. A candidate that goes through the interview process successfully will be prepared to teach on the VIPKid education platform.

A few things to consider before applying: 1.) Qualifications- you must have a bachelor’s degree (any major), must have some type of teaching experience of at least a year (this doesn’t have to be a classroom teacher- if you have taught children or adults anything: swimming instruction, Sunday school, camp counselor, mentor, teaching at a camp, tutoring, volunteering, music lessons etc.), a native North American accent, be eligible to work in the US or Canada, and they prefer US teaching credentials but this is not a requirement. 2.) Technology – You must have access to stable and reliable internet (Ethernet is preferred over WiFi), a reliable desktop, laptop, Mac, or surface device. Vipkid recommends a minimum operating system of Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.x, and at least 4GB RAM memory. You will need the latest Flash Version and use Chrome or Firefox, and webcam. 3.) Teaching materials: you will need some props for teaching. The items are simple to find or make, nothing to be too concerned with.

For me the process went almost a month because of my other work commitments and the prep I put into each step of the interview process. I have been a schoolteacher in the US for 15 years, so the opportunity seemed to fit well with what I was already doing. However, I can’t emphasize enough, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A TRADITIONAL SCHOOL TEACHER TO DO THIS! Some of the best VIPKid teachers come from backgrounds other than teaching.

The biggest challenge I faced was technology. First, I found out through the interview process that my internet wasn’t as good as I thought it was. I had to call my internet provider to adjust my equipment to improve my internet connection. This is something that needed to be done because I wasn’t getting what I was paying for. Second, making videos and teaching in front a webcam was awkward at first, but it was something I was able to overcome with practice and persistence.

As I mentioned, the interview process is rigorous, but I believe it was worth it. By the time I was hired, I ready to start teaching with VIPKid. The process includes four basic steps: 1.) Application 2.) Demo Lesson, Training Prep and Quiz 3.) Mock Lessons, and 4.) Sign a contract and set-up a schedule. The following will detail each step. Here is picture of what to expect.


The first step is to fill an application. This is a very short and fast process, but it’s important that you understand the minimum requirements. Remember, you need a bachelor’s degree (any major), you must have some type of teaching experience of at least a year (this doesn’t have to be a classroom teacher),have a native North American accent and be eligible to work in the US or Canada. The pay rate is between $18 to $22 per hour.

You can fill an application by clicking on the banner. By clicking on the banner, I will be you referring teacher, and I can assist you with any questions going forward in the process.

Demo, Training, and Quiz

After you fill the application, you will need to do a demo lesson. You have three options: you can do a 10 minute recorded demo (this is the option I used), you can do a 3 minute SMART interview on your phone (I recommend this one, it wasn’t available when I interviewed),  or if you live in certain areas you can do a Fast Pass Coaching day.


Here are the details:

Option 1: Traditional Interview with Demo – This was the standard path until early 2019. It is similar to the smart demo, but it takes longer and requires a ten-minute demonstration video of you teaching to an imaginary student and recording it for evaluation.



Option 2: Smart Demo Lesson (100% on smartphone app)Brief content review of VIPKid Essentials

    • 5-question quiz
    • Sample Teaching/Demo (1-slide, 2.5 minutes) – The Smart interview is like the recorded option except it is a shorter lesson than can be done on your smart phone. 


Option 3: Fast Pass Coaching Day

If you live in certain areas, you can take part in a VIPKid fast pass coaching day. This is a 3.5 hour event that allows you to meet other teachers and complete hands on learning as you go through the process.



Regardless of the option you pick, a wealth of material is available for applicants provided by VIPKid and VIPKid teachers that can prepare you for the demo lesson. In additional, VIPKid teachers have posted YouTube videos on how to successfully create a demo video. I can help you with finding the resources I used when I did my demo. I am not very tech savvy and making a video was awkward, so if I can do it, anyone can do it. This is an important step because it determines if you will move forward in the process and it determines you starting pay rate.

After you pass the demo. You must take a short quiz (it’s easy) and use the resources provided to start preparing for the mock interviews.

Mock Interviews and Certification

After you have submitted a demo and it is approved, you will schedule a mock interview in which you will teach a 25-minute lesson to an adult pretending to be a 5-year-old child. This is an awkward phase, but it is necessary because it will help VIPKid determine if this is something a candidate is able to do while at the same time training the candidate for actual teaching of students.

This step is used for certification as well. You will either be certified to teach level 2- 3 students (younger children) or Level 4- 5 students (older children). The mocks will determine where you start after you have been hired. You can begin to certify for all levels once you are teaching on a regular basis. Again, there are plenty of resources to help you through this part of the process.

For me, I had to do two mock lessons. My very first mock lesson had to be done twice because during the mock, I discovered my internet connection was slow, so this had to be corrected. I corrected my internet issues. I did my first mock and passed successfully. Again, I was well-prepared thanks to all the resources that are available during this phase. I had to schedule a second mock lesson (some candidates only have to do one mock) and it went well, also. You are notified after the mock lessons if you are officially hired as a VIPKid teacher.

A few days after completing both my mock lessons, I received an email from VIPKid informing me that I was hired. At this point I became a VIPKid teacher.

Sign the Contract and Set up a Schedule

Before scheduling classes with students, I had to sign a contract (I had already been informed of my starting rate), upload required paperwork, and pass a background check. This took a couple of days but once completed I was able to set up a schedule.

From the time I filled my application till the time I was able to start scheduling for students, it took a little over three weeks. This part of the process takes some patience because once you sign you contract you are eager to start teaching and earning money. The bookings take a little time at first because parents must find you and you are a new teacher. I signed my contract it took about three weeks to get my first student. This process works like a snowball it starts off small and then grows and grows. As of today, I can’t keep my schedule slots open and the only thing that prevents me from teaching more is my commitments to my family.

Here is the video my students see in China when signing up for my class.

VIPKid TESOL certificate (required if no teaching degree)

Once you have passed your mock class certification, there is one final step before signing your contract if you are not a traditional certified teacher.

You will need to obtain the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. This certification is done through VIPKid. If you have a degree in education, this is not required, though it is recommended. If your degree is in another field, you will be required to complete this course before signing your contract.

I hope you have found this overview helpful. As I mentioned at the beginning, if you are interested in applying and would like my help navigating through the steps, feel free to apply using my referral code. It can feel overwhelming but I promise it’s not. If you take one step at a time, you’ll be teaching before you know it!


VIPKid online teaching has been a wonderful opportunity for me because it has allowed me to achieve a financial goal in my life.

If you decide to be a VIPKid teacher, I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in VIPKid online teaching, I would appreciate it if you use my referral link, and if you have additional questions or need additional help you can leave a comment or email me at and I will be happy to help.

17 thoughts on “What Is It Like to Interview for VIPKid

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your Vipkids interview experience with us. I was very interested in this opportunity but got a little discouraged by one of the requirements – having a native North American accent.

    Other than that, I think I meet the other requirements perfectly. The idea of making money by teaching English language online really appeals to me. I have a broad range of teaching experience, from teaching Kindergarten to facilitative management courses.

    Do you suggest I still go ahead and give the application process a try, in spite of my accent?

    1. If you are eligible to work in the US or Canada, it is worth a shot? If not and you want to make money this way, there are other ESL companies that don’t require the North America accent.

  2. Hi! I am so happy I found your post detailing all of the steps to apply, interview and start out with VIPKid. I applied a few months ago, but got a nice rejection letter lol. I think you’re right – I don’t have any “traditional” teaching experience, but I didn’t emphasize any other experience that I do have that might work. Quick question – you mentioned it would take a little bit for parents to find you since you’re a new teacher. How DO they find you? Does VIPKid have a directory or way to get your information out there? Interesting post and program!

  3. Dear Marvin
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
    Kind regards,

  4. Thanks for putting together an informative break down of the entire VIPKID hiring process.I was thinking of signing up for the opportunity but unfortunately I have credentials in Network Admin and not BA. But thanks anyway it was good seeing how the process is completed

  5. Thanks for this additional suggestion on how to make money however it is not accessible to a lot of people who did not proceed to get a masters or bachelors degree and still want to teach online. There are many opportunities to teach online even without a degree but I agree that the teachers of material should be subject to some stipulation.

    1. I am sure there are plenty opportunities. The experience I have is with Vipkid and it has been a very good experience. 

  6. This sounds like a good opportunity to make money from home if you have the right qualifications, and it pays well. Although I don’t meet all of the qualifications for Vipkid, this has made me think about looking into what other opportunities might exist for teaching online. Online teaching sounds like a good option for somebody who’s interested in TESL but isn’t in the position to move to another country.  

  7. Hi

    The name of the website gives an ideal of what is important and that is the children themselves and not on the teacher themselves. The interview process seems very daunting and as I am English I am glad that I do not need to go through it, although I can do a mean American accent. 

    We have all know teachers who cannot teach, even if there lives depend upon it. It I’d good that the teacher abilities are tested.  Did you find the process daunting? Is it different to teach whilst the pupils are not in the same room as you, as body language can be missed?

    Thank you


    1. Thanks for the questions. No I did not find the interview process daunting instead I realized early on that the interview process was training me to teach according to Vipkid standards, they were preparing me for the job. I see the students though an online platform (similar to Skype) so I don’t miss the ability to read body language.

  8. This interests me because of you are giving your knowledge to someone else. Great way to make money online and it just takes so little time out of your week. I attended two online schools and I know how the process works., but I was one credit away from a Bachelor degree so I guess I would not qualify. Good idea for people that would qualify and pays well also. Knowledge will set you free, I had not heard of this company good heads-up for people looking for teaching jobs, with all the cut backs in the teaching industry.

  9. These online jobs are now becoming more and more popular. Thanks for this article Marvin! I am also an educator (Trainer in some outsourced call center) and this is a proof that the opportunities are vast and endless for people like us ( I used to think that we are limited to a classroom setting). Like you when you started, my internet too can be improved. Perhaps it is something I can take a look into when my internet speed improves in the future. More power!

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